Time passes and life continues to reveal the best and the worst of us; 

If you find yourself standing on unfamiliar ground, resist the urge to abandon yourself;

When we can't find our own prayers, may we learn to borrow them instead;

When we can't sing the melody, help us to listen for the harmony;

When we fear our faith changing, teach us instead to say our faith is growing;

May we hold the tension long enough to discern what is dying and what

is growing into new life;

May we come to terms with what we've lost and make room for what's to come."

~ Emily P. Freeman ~

My Art reflects my life and passion, and captured within the brushstrokes are moments of pain, joy, gratitude, and also hope.  Nobody's life is perfect and mine certainly has had its fair share of ups and downs. So as an artist who absolutely loves God with all her heart I would love to share with you something about my personal life that I hope will bring something special to yours, or maybe bring a little bit of hope to someone who you know is going through a difficult time.

I have lived through some very painful and traumatic personal experiences that impacted my life significantly. I had lost a great deal, so much so that I am now rebuilding my personal life as well as my art career from the ground up again.  So much of my soul and heart and life was ripped to pieces by people whom I trusted and loved, and in the end I was left at the bottom of a dark pit filled with endless pain, anger and fear and without any trust or hope.  But the healing power of God's Word finds us in our most painful moments. A few months ago I was led to the incredible Bible series by Ds Hennie Prinsloo titled The Book of Revelations (Also available in Afrikaans ~ Die Boek Openbaring).  This series gave me the courage to start rebuilding my life one day at a time!  Whenever I start to struggle with the paralyzing flood of memories, tears, and emotions, I go back and watch it again. And every time God gives me something new that I need to hear!  That is the wonderful thing of the Bible, the more you hear the Holy Word of God, the more you experience its miracles!  And what I had learned from this series has brought me closer to God, has lifted me out of the dark pit of hopelessness, and has strengthened my bond with my savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit of God.  It takes time to process painful experiences and for the memories to fade away because they come like rainstorms, but it takes even longer to try and trust people again, and build a new life on the rubble of the old one, but with God these things are possible, one day at a time. Just keep your focus on Him. 

The Book of Revelations is about the coming of Jesus Christ and is filled with God's incredible promises of new life and hope for His children.  In his series, Ds Prinsloo provides an in-depth discussion of each chapter of this phenomenal Bible book.  Apart from spending over 40 years in the ministry, and studying and researching the Bible, he also conducted his Ph.D. on the Book of Revelations. Fueled with the Holy Spirit of God and a search for the absolute Biblical truth, he brings you an incredible journey into the Word of God that will bring tears to your eyes and fill you with hope and gratitude towards the healing love and forgiveness of our Creator and Savior.  

If you would like to know more visit Ds Prinsloo's website.  You can also contact or Whatsapp him directly at +27 83 292 5588 if you want to place an order for this series, or simply if you need advice on your spiritual life and path to Christ.  

So my message is this: Trust the Word of God!  No matter how hard your life is, or how much pain you are drowning in, don't lose hope. Believe in God, believe in Jesus. Our hearts and souls are precious to Him.     

~ Deodanda Brown, October 2021 ~

If you are dealing with REGRET, like I do, please read this insightful poem by motivational writer Morgan Harper Nichols.  You will find her on Instagram.    

"I think one of the heaviest burdens of human imagination 

might be the ability to have hindsight...

After it's all over, past events start to seem
a lot more predictable than they actually were.

In full color, we start to see what life 
would've looked like

if only we had known what was going to happen.

When we look back, we can pinpoint
the conversations that should've shown us the clues.

We can feel the weight of the actions
that should've been a big hint.

We tell ourselves, "if only I had known...  if only I had known..."

I do not know where in your life regret seemsto scream the loudest,

but I do hope, that whenever you find yourself
looking back into the tunnel that echoes the dissonance of the past,

decisions hastily made and good things that didn't last,

I hope you are able to hear the music in your other ear.

Even if it plays softly and you can barely hear it through the noise,
I hope you remember, even here, there is room for other tunes.

The past will not change, but at the same time,
the present moment is calling you to be gentle with yourself
as you learn to allow your imagination to play the notes of an all-new song."

~ Morgan Harper Nichols ~