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A Journey of Hope... When the World has Left Its Scars

My paintings often focus on farm animals that suffer daily and unnecessarily at the hands of ignorant and brutal human behavior. Unfortunately, humanity has also turned its horrific behavior towards its own kind. Our world is getting darker, more violent, and more hopeless by the day. Those who desperately seek a quiet and safe place to live have no choice but to endure the selfish, greedy, and brutal human behavior that has become part of our daily existence.  Where do we go? Where will we find rest? And how do we build a life worth living in times like these?

We all carry the scars of the world in one way or another, and in my personal life, I have been through circumstances that have left very deep wounds. For a very long time, I lived broken at the bottom of a pit filled with despair, anger, and indescribable fear.  Without the grace of Jesus Christ who pulled me out of that broken existence, I would not have survived, and I am slowly healing and getting back on my feet again. My life is a testimony of unending miracles, day after day, filled with God's grace, healing, and protection.  The Word of God tells me that strength and salvation come only from the blood and love of Jesus Christ. But it is also in the Word of God that we can search for answers as to why God allows certain things to happen in our lives, what it is that He wants us to learn from such circumstances, and also how we can find His strength to not only survive the difficult times but also bring glory to His name. I want to share with you the insightful messages of Dr Hennie Prinsloo about the words Jesus spoke during the 6 excruciating hours He spent on the cross. During those hours, Jesus spoke 7 times and called the 7 Crosswords. You will find all 7 Crosswords in a series of 7 videos on Dr Prinsloo's YouTube channel along with his other fantastic series (20 videos) on the Book of Revelations which focuses on the coming of Christ. But this series is also filled with the incredible riches of God's promises and love for those who carry the scars of the world.  Regardless of who they were or what they believed in, nobody who stood in front of the cross on Golgota and saw the events that happened there and heard the words spoken by Christ, left that day unchanged by the things they had witnessed.  God loved us so much that He gave His only son Jesus to pay the ultimate price so that we can have a life filled with His glory, hope, and strength and the knowing that there is an eternal place for us in His Kingdom!  

In addition, I also want to share the incredible messages of Rev Wimpie Raath. These messages also relate on a very deep level to everyday personal and family life and focus on Jesus's indescribable love and understanding of the struggles of His children, worries, fears, frustrations, and the times when they come under personal attack, but also what it really means to obey God and Jesus, what His salvation, grace, and strength bring into our everyday lives when we genuinely want to build a relationship with Him.  I urge you to listen to these messages. 

"En ons het die profetiese woord wat baie vas is, waarop julle tog moet ag gee soos op 'n lamp wat in 'n donker plek skyn, totdat die dag aanbreek en die morester opgaan in julle harte; terwyl julle veral dit moet weet, data geen profesie van die Skrif 'n saak van eie uitlegging is nie; want geen profesie is ooit deur die wil van 'n mens voortgebring nie, maar, deur die Heilige Gees gedrywe, het die heilige mense van God gespreek." ~ 2 Peter 1: 19-21

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