As an artist my work is primarily focused on farm animals that suffer daily and unnecessarily at the hands of ignorant and brutal human behavior. I cannot help but notice that humanity, driven by greed, has also turned its cruelty and horrific behavior towards its own kind. Our world is getting darker, more violent, and more hopeless by the day. Those who desperately seek a quiet and safe place in which they can exist have no choice but to endure the ignorant, greedy, and brutal human behavior that has become part of our daily existence.  Where do we go, where will we find rest and how do we learn to cope with living and surviving in this broken world, and how do we build a life worth living in times like these?


As someone who loves God with all my heart, I believe the Word of God to be my only guidance for surviving this world we live in. I also know that there is hope for the searching soul. And the Word of God tells me that salvation and hope come only from the blood and love of Jesus Christ who gave His life so that every person can have hope and Life. I would like to share with you one of  7 remarkable messages by Dr Hennie Prinsloo on the words spoken by Jesus during the 6 excruciating hours He spent on the cross. During those hours Jesus spoke 7 times and it is called the 7 Crosswords. This is the 6th message about the 6th Crossword ("It is finished!" John 19 v 30) and you will find them all on YouTube.


Nobody, regardless of who they were or what they believed in, who stood in front of the cross and saw the events that happened there and heard the words spoken by Christ, left that day unchanged by the things they had witnessed.