Artist Materials Used in My Studio:

As artist and scientist, I am passionate about the quality and longevity of my paintings. 

Which is why I use only professional-quality artist materials made by the best manufacturers from around the world to ensure I work with light-fast pigments, protective varnishes and well-prepared canvases and wood panels that will ensure each artwork will become a true investment of quality and longevity.  

I work exclusively with oil paints and follow the traditional methods of the Renaissance and Post-Impressionist painters.  Because I don't use any fast-drying acrylic underlayers, each painting follows its own timeline to allow the different oil layers to dry before the next layer can be added.

For canvases I prefer Italian cotton from the Tuscan manufactured Leonardesca series, or the Prime Art Gallery series due to their high-quality well-stretched cotton and well-built frames.  I also prefer the textured weave of cotton above the smooth finish of linen. 

When working on wood, I prefer MDF over pine-ply and other hardwoods due to its superior density and smooth surface.  I prepare all my panels by hand following a lengthy and costly process to ensure their longevity.  The back of each panel is tripple-sealed with a pH-balanced wood sealer to protect it from moisture absorption.  The sides and front of the panel are prepared with two layers of an artist-quality oil painting sizing agent to prevent oil absorption into the wood.  Thereafter a layer of artist gesso is added to create texture. 

The sides of each canvas or wood panel painting are finished with an oil paint colour that complements the artwork.  

Every painting leaves my studio with a protective layer of Gamblin gloss varnish.