Deodanda Brown is a professional fine artist from Cape Town, South Africa. Her favourite medium is traditional oil paint although she is proficient in other mediums as well.  As a young girl she was drawn to the detailed and lifelike landscape and animal paintings of the European old masters and the way in which light seemed to glow from the paint.  From this childhood fascination a lifelong obsession with science and oil paint was born.  After completing her Masters degree in animal science she worked almost 2 decades as a medical writer in the pharmaceutical industry, while her interest in painting grew.  The first time she picked up a paintbrush was at the age of 33 and without formal art training, but with an absolute hunger to learn, she dedicated herself for the next 13 yrs to study oil painting as both a science and a language whilst juggling her day job as medical writer.  Fueled by her passion for painting she decided to exchange her career in medical research for a job as oil painter, and 2016 marked the beginning of her long-awaited journey to become a full-time artist. 

Growing up on a farm sowed the seeds for her love of cattle and farm landscapes.  And with an interest in the works of late South African painter Errol Boyley and UK painter Edward Seago, much of her work developed into a representational post-impressionistic style in which she always pushes the colour boundaries.  Many of her cattle works were created as a voice against brutal farming practices and farm animal abuse. When asked about her passion for farm animals the answer is simple "I grew up with cattle and sheep, their souls are a symbol of God's unconditional love for all animals and nature. So I paint what very few people get to experience. There is an endless joy in connecting with animals, to consider them friends and family and to experience their love and trust on the deepest level.  In some way or another my work has always been a cry against the cruelty of human nature, whether being experienced through their eyes or through my own life challenges."   

She is a very private person who prefers a secluded lifestyle away from everyday social interactions, dedicating her life to painting as her companion.  Her paintings form part of overseas and South African collections and are sold through gallery exhibitions and her studio.  Deodanda's oil paintings are known for their superb technical quality and sensitivity that comes from her strong scientific approach to her creative processes and understanding and love for her subject matter.  

"My cattle and sheep paintings are created as a voice against brutal farming practices and farm animal abuse. If you would like to learn more about God's love for animals and nature, please feel free to read this insightful document based on references from the Bible. You are also welcome to read about my personal Journey of Hope in which each of my new paintings carry with them little seeds of faith, worship and hope for the Kingdom of God."  

Artist CV

Born:  1974.  Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

Current City:  Cape Town, South Africa

Education:  University of the Free State, South Africa

2001 - Master in Science (M.Sc) (majored in medical & veterinary entomology)

1996 - Honours in Science (B.Sc Hons) (majored in medical & veterinary entomology)

1995 - Bachelor in Science (B.Sc Biology) (majored in zoology & entomology) 

Artist Work Experience (Full-Time):  (January 2016 - current) 
Type of Art: Representational | Medium: Oil Paint

 - Became full-time artist in 2016.

 - Established fine art studio in Durbanville. 

 - Established portfolio of works:  cattle, landscapes, florals, still lifes.

 - Established gallery representation in Cape Town, Durbanville, Stellenbosch and Durban.

 - Started teaching oil painting classes and presented workshops to adults in Durbanville.

 - Responsible for building & maintaining own website, art marketing and social media platforms.

 - Written various oil painting & pastel painting demonstration articles for the South African Artist Magazine.

Awards & Achievements:  Vuleka National Art Competition: Finalist, 2018. Oil painting titled: Will you walk with me through the mist?

Magazine Publications: 

 - The South African Artist magazine (Issue 34, 2018)  -  Soft pastel demonstrator (30 minute warm-up).

 - The South African Artist magazine (Issue 23, 2017)  -  Soft pastel demonstrator (The cattle portrait).

 - The South African Artist magazine (Issue 14, 2014)  -  Oil painting demonstrator (Rocks in the landscape).

 - Old  -  Guest author Blog post, 2015 (Alkyd medium versus maroger, an artist's review).

Art Exhibitions  


 - Art-b Gallery (Arts Association of Bellville): Members group exhibition.

 - Art-b Gallery (Arts Association of Bellville): Forgotten Treasures group exhibition.

 - Art-b Gallery: Tiny Treasures group exhibition.



 - Rust-en-Vrede Gallery (Durbanville): Paintings & Ceramics Summer Sale.

 - Art-b Gallery (Arts Association of Bellville): Members group exhibition.

 - Canvas De-Vine Gallery (Robertson): Miniature Art group exhibition.

 - Rust-en-Vrede Gallery (Durbanville): The Grand 5 group exhibition & gallery fund raiser.

 - South African Society of Artists (Cape Town): Members I group exhibition.

 - Art-b Gallery: Tiny Treasures group exhibition.


 - Art-b Gallery (Arts Association of Bellville): Tiny Treasures group exhibition.



 - Lindy van Niekerk Gallery (Bellville):  Little Gems group exhibition.

 - Vuleka National Art Competition (Art.b Gallery, Bellville): 14 August - 7 September 2018.

 - Art-b Gallery: Tiny Treasures group exhibition.
- Art At Meerendal Gallery:  A Sense of What is Beautiful group exhibition.



 - Art-b Gallery (Bellville):  Tiny Treasures group exhibition. 



 - Art-b Gallery (Bellville):  Tiny Treasures group exhibition.



 - Swartland Shiraz & Arts Festival (Riebeek West):  Group exhibition at Riebeek Valley Hotel.


 - Creative Arts (Durbanville):  Annual members exhibition.

 - Avondale Gardens (Durbanville): Fund raiser by Tygerberg Rotary Club.



 - Creative Arts (Durbanville):  Annual members exhibition.

Gallery Consignments:  

 - Art.b gallery (Bellville) (2016 - 2021)

 - Art@Constantia gallery (Cape Town) (2018 - 2021)

 - Rust-en-Vrede gallery (Durbanville) (2020)

 - Canvas de-Vine gallery (Robertson) (2020) 

 - Marze Botha gallery (Stellenbosch) (2018 - 2019)

 - Etchings Art gallery (Durban) (2019)

 - Meerendal Art gallery (Durbanville) (2018)

 - Lindy van Niekerk gallery (Bellville) (2018)

 - The Winelands Art gallery (Durbanville) (2016)

 - The Pepper Tree Art Stable (Philadelphia, Cape Town) (2016)

Art Society Memberships:  

 - The Rust-en-Vrede Gallery & Clay Museum (2020-2021) 

 - Arts Association of Bellville (2016 - 2021) 

 - South African Society of Artists (SASA) (2020)

 - Constantiaberg Art Society (2017 - 2018)

 - The Brightlight Artists Guild, USA (2016) (established by David Leffel, Sherrie McGraw & Jacqueline Kamin)